The best results are achieved through the planning and integration of people, process and technology. Our team of professionals represent a deep and seasoned practice across a variety of technologies, markets, and industries, and have experience using this knowledge to solve business challenges. Our perspective focuses on leveraging technology to enable business objectives–this foundation drives our approach to designing solutions, implementing systems, and developing organizational programs.

Our Vision is to be the most trustworthy and relevant technology-enabled services firm for our select clientele. Our vendors are carefully selected and thoughtfully incorporated into solutions. Our experienced professionals are trained in and adhere to best practices from industry-recognized standards and frameworks. Coupled with the highest levels of technical certifications from our vendor partners and our passion to create long term relationships with our clients—our proven results show long-term impacts on clients’ success.

Our methodology focuses on a simple yet intentional framework based on a dedication to solving problems linked to client success:

We Ask

what makes a client successful

We Listen

for what Tallgrass can do to enable and enhance success

We Solve

through our competence and perseverance

Tallgrass provides the best combination of people, process and technology committed to getting business results from technology-enabled solutions. Our professionals carry a perseverance and competence (business, technology and process based) focused on creative solutions targeted at efficiency, risk mitigation and speed to market. We review the total value chain of people, process, and technology to ensure impactful and efficient strategic solutions.


Integrity. Intuition. Ingenuity. Impact.

Asureti, a new division of Tallgrass, exists to provide passionate business enablement through insight and alignment of technology, risk management, cyber security and contractual and regulatory compliance. Asureti’s Managed Assurance services enable organizations to leverage security, risk and compliance to not only ensure data protection but to improve business capabilities and drive revenue streams—all within a predictable cost model. We remove the onerous, complex and time-consuming compliance and security challenges from requiring day-to-day focus which may detract from resources required for key business operations.