Tallgrass aims to enable client success through thoughtfully structured integration of people, process and technology. To accomplish this mission we assemble and maintain an entire division of professionals from every practice discipline to address all facets of a client’s stated stratetric goals. For decades, Tallgrass has earned the trust of its clients by successfully managing their IT needs using practice-proven and cost effective methods, delivering quality standards and predictable behavior in a variety of client environments.

Tallgrass recognizes you’re unique–and your needs are unique, too.

Tallgrass recognizes you’re unique–and your needs are unique, too.

However one thing all companies can benefit from is having an experienced and knowledgeable partner that can dependably deliver essential services for the jobs you need, in the right amounts. Our Managed IT Solutions include front-office cloud offerings (subscription-based applications and support), back office IT support (on premise and cloud based), staffing and sourcing, and Iifecycle IT asset management. To capitalize on this idea, rather than add costly overhead in human resources dedicated to the support of non-core business areas, clients who embrace managed solutions are able to manage a tighter roster of personnel focused on delivering directly to the organization’s mission statement.

​Technology has become the most strategic business asset for organizations to compete in today’s better, cheaper, faster economy. Business executives expect that their investments in IT should “just work.” To accomplish these objectives Tallgrass has relevant practice areas to support our clients.

What we have learned, is that while our clients’ business objectives may vary across different industries, their core challenges are very similar—they must enable strategic capabilities. We believe that the approach to helping you acquire these strategic capabilities begins with…

  • Understanding the business goals and expected benefits/impacts of the proposed initiative.

  • Confirming the current state process/ solution/existing investments and skill sets.

  • Evaluating potential key technology/alternatives. 

  • Collaborating with you to develop an action plan to achieve the business goals and impacts.

  • Implementing an effective solution guided by our Project Management Disciplines.

Tallgrass will help your organization respond to managing your infrastructure and delivering business responsiveness. Our competencies, experience, and partner relationships across key technologies are what we offer. Tallgrass doesn’t make the technologies—Tallgrass helps you get more value from them in your environment.


Enterprise Architecture & Design

It’s never too late or too early to architect the foundational building blocks for your technology strategy. Whether it is infrastructure or software, let us help you build & review the blueprints and standards for your enterprise. A solid enterprise architecture strategy will drastically simplify your design, build, and implementation process into an understood and modular process—getting you to the “building block” utopia desperately need to achieve your business goals.

Already have enterprise architecture? Let us review the lifecycle and processes in place, to make sure it is as efficient as possible. TOGAF, FEA, MOF? A hybrid mix? We have you covered.


On Demand IT Solutions

Business operations change. New challenges arise. Problems come when least expected. We have the on-demand resources you need to address these needs head-on. Whether you require professional services for storage, networking, project management, application upgrades and migrations, or beyond, our experienced team is ready to help solve your IT challenges.


Help Desk & Outsourced IT

Providing a scalable presence to solve your technical issues, our Tallgrass analysts will provide escalated services, virtually or in person, to remove your technology challenges. This leaves your critical resources focused on your core competencies while providing them timely, pleasant, and expert resolution. Through the use of remote management software and hands on service, Tallgrass can remove the internal challenges associated with maintaining a technical staff.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Whether you need a plan or need a plan refresh and update, Tallgrass can help! From design and build strategies that will protect your valuable information assets and infrastructure in the event of a disaster to validating and testing a well-defined plan, our experts will work with your teams to help define and meet recovery requirements for your most critical line of business applications and infrastructure. Already have a well-defined plan? We can help you validate and test your plan to ensure that it meets the business service levels and requirements and partner with your team to continuously improve your posture and align results with both your risk and budget constraints.


Back-office IT Services

You’re not in the business of IT, why adopt the distraction? Tallgrass provides complete back office support for organizations who prefer to avoid the burden of maintaining a self-managed technical infrastructure. From server maintenance, to hosting, to architecture and design, Tallgrass provides a single point solution for cost-effectively empowering your business through technology.

Resource Staffing

Locating the ideal resource for your technical staffing needs can be challenging. Our experienced and practiced sourcing services allow you to leverage broad sourcing options in an easy to use approach. We can locate staff to become part of your team—where ever the need exists.

Hardware & Software Implementation & Installation

After design and requirements are defined and your products are procured, they must be appropriately implemented to leverage their intended business value! Let us help you with the install, setup, and configuration process as part of initiation of a managed service offering or for a specific project need. Our experienced team can help ensure a new build or a refresh cycle is streamlined and effective.

Other Services

Hybrid & Public Cloud

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